In a game of poker, we play the hand that we are dealt. But have you ever wondered who decides your hand in online poker? You can find out down below, and get more insight at online-casino-123 .

How do online poker sites shuffle cards?

Poker is a game of chance and to keep it that way online sites use a system called random numbers generator (RNG). This ensures each card in the deck has an equal chance of being dealt, basically shuffling them.

Players analyse their chances of winning as a game of poker progresses. This gives them a fair idea of possible outcomes; however, assuming the cards dealt are random. This is where RNG comes into play in online poker.

What is a random numbers generator?

Online poker sites use RNG, which is a mathematical program, that allows sites to shuffle and serve up random numbers by creating unpredictable patterns. It keeps the distribution of cards fair and ensures fair play in every game.

Why is a random numbers generator important?

As stated earlier, poker is a game of chance. Thus, randomness is everything in a game of poker. Random numbers generators keep the thrill of the game. In turn, ensuring a fun and fair game for all.

How do they work?

All random numbers generators start with a seed. This is used as a starting point for every sequence. It allows RNGs to serve random combinations and keep the game unpredictable. It also ensures an equal chance for each card.

What makes RNGs fair?

The random numbers generators continue to subsequently pick different seeds each time. This in turn serves up different outcomes in a game of online poker. As a result, this rules out any unfair advantage to either player or casino.

Importance of RNG and auditors

All online poker sites employ random numbers generators as a prerequisite to prove their authenticity. However, it is also important that they are tested regularly. This helps protect poker sites as well as players from foul play.

Independent auditing bodies such as eCOGRA, TST Labs, GLI, and iTech Labs test and audit online casino random numbers generators. They provide casinos with a stamp of approval after they pass the required audit tests.

How to ensure your gameplay is fair?

Fair play at an online casino is your right. There are two things you can keep an eye out for. Firstly, make sure you use an auditor-certified online poker site. Second, check for a valid and up-to-date licence.

Conclusion and final thoughts

Randomness and unpredictability are what make a game of poker so special. A site that uses certified random numbers generators ensures a shuffled deck, and you can rest assured the hand that you have been dealt is strictly random.